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30 argumentative essay subjects on technology in 2021

Technological advancements are all around us. From touchscreen to fingerprint to facial recognition, it’s true; it’s even on our phones. So naturally there is so much to be said when it comes to technology, especially for your school essay assignment. Whether you do the hard work on your own or use an online writing service like to help you, choosing your topic can be the most daunting part. Let us give you a hand!

Some tips for choosing a technology essay topic

Write about what you like

To choose an idea for a topic on which to base your argumentative essay, start by observing the surrounding technology. From the smallest daily activity to the revolutionary innovations that impress you. Always look for the technologies that interest you the most and want to explore more and learn more about them.

Don’t go too big

You will want to choose something with some popularity but hidden facts that you can sort out. Consider a niche aspect of a very large topic so that you can talk about the topic as a whole without getting lost in its breadth. Choosing a niche look means you’ll get juicy details while tackling familiar concepts.

Do your research

An additional tip is to have some ideas in hand and do some quick research on your top three. You will need to check if your favorite topic is actually a viable option with some sort of argument and counter argument. Otherwise, you have a choice of other options. Don’t be afraid to change the subject early on, as your choice determines the success of your argumentative essay.

But if you’re struggling to come up with topic ideas, we’ve got a list for you. Check it out!

Examples of Argumentative Technology Essay Topics

  1. How has technology changed the way we communicate?
  2. Internet and me: an exploration of the Internet in my life
  3. What would life be like today without Wi-Fi?
  4. How to introduce the Internet to children?
  5. Awesome new automotive technologies that we absolutely need
  6. Health technologies that saved lives
  7. New technologies NASA is using to conquer space
  8. Genetic engineering technologies that can change the world
  9. The pros and cons of tech gadgets (name one gadget you would like to discuss)
  10. After the internet: are we closer or further away?
  11. Are humans smarter than computers?
  12. Does technology challenge or feed nature?
  13. Is technology making us dumber?
  14. The effects of technology on individualism
  15. The relationship between mental health and the Internet
  16. Technology and war: what can we expect?
  17. History of the first technological inventions
  18. Should we regulate technological advances?
  19. The impact of the Internet on Generation Z
  20. The Sad Truth Behind Cyberbullying
  21. Tiktok conquers the world
  22. The best video games of all time
  23. Should programming be taught in school?
  24. How does technology improve the workforce?
  25. Does technology make our work easier?
  26. Are computers taking over our jobs?
  27. What is nanotechnology and how can it impact our lives?
  28. Cloning and its moral, legal and technological aspects
  29. What will life be like with technological advances in 2050?
  30. The consequences of the Internet on capitalism

Tips to help you write a worthwhile essay

Use reliable sources

A large part of writing an argumentative essay involves stating an argument and its counterpart. This means that you need to support both parties with evidence which can be quotes, research papers, or book excerpts. The trick is to always use reliable resources when looking for evidence to back up your essay.

Wikipedia can actually be a great source of information, but it should never be your final quote. Look up Wikipedia pages for references and cite academic sources. It will add a lot more professionalism and confidence to your essay.

Create an outline

Don’t rush into the deep end. Take the time to organize your thoughts by creating a table of contents for your essay. This outline will help you find the structure of your essay and follow a logical narrative sequence. The more organized your ideas are, the more likely your essay will be completed.

Engage the reader with a powerful intro

A solid introduction to your topic is the only way the reader doesn’t just go through it and read it carefully. The more you engage the reader from the start, the more motivated they will be to eat your writing.

Tech is a hell of a subject anyway, so it shouldn’t take too much to pique your reader’s interest. Raising breathtaking questions and including historical facts can be effective tools for your introduction.

Remember the argumentative side of your essay

Don’t waste your research and organization forgetting that the type of essay you write is argumentative. This means that it must include an argument and its opposite. It also means that you must have an opinion or a party for one of the two aspects.

Divide the arguments and their counterparts into paragraphs so that the reader can get an idea of ​​each point separately. Pick your battle from the start of the trial and try to back it up with evidence. Always remember to mention other opinions and why they are important.

Review before submitting

It is essential to review and edit your essay before submitting it to ensure that you have used the best possible language without typos or grammatical errors. These mistakes can be fatal to your essay because the reader may not understand your point of view or, worse yet, misinterpret what you are trying to say. So be diligent with your editing so that nothing slips, and you get that “A” you deserve.

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