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Laguna Beach student wins NASA college essay writing

Taia Saurer, student at Laguna Beach. Courtesy of NASA

Laguna Beach student Taia Saurer was named on Wednesday by NASA among the three winners of the Artemis Moon Pod essay competition for their creative visions of a pioneering journey to the moon.

Saurer won the fifth to the eighth category.

Nearly 14,000 students entered the competition, each competing for the grand prize: a trip to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center where they will witness the first launch of the Artemis rocket. All test contributions will fly to a USB flash drive aboard the Artemis I mission, the first step in NASA’s campaign to send astronauts back to the Moon and then to Mars.

In “A Week on the Moon – The Artemis Adventure”, Saurer explains his vision for the Moon Pod mission. It enlists a crew of four – including the first woman to ascend the moon – to build habitat for future astronauts using a combination of lunar soil and a fibrous fungal material called mycelium.

The Moon Pod Essay Contest aligns with NASA’s Artemis Student Challenges, an ongoing collection of engineering and technology design challenges aimed at engaging students in human spaceflight and technologies.

NASA invited students to imagine themselves leading a crew, or “pod,” on a mission to the Moon’s South Pole, and to capture those ideas in their essays. NASA and Future Engineers, an online student platform, launched the competition in September 2020 for K-12 students nationwide.

The goal of the competition is to encourage children to think about space exploration problems that need solutions, including what tools or technologies would they bring to the moon, who would they include in their crew group, and who would they leave behind for future lunar crews to use?

“I want to congratulate the incredible winners of the Artemis Moon Pod trial. NASA shares your enthusiasm for humanity’s return to the Moon, and we are so inspired by your creative ideas on how to lead this expedition, ”said Kathy Lueders, Associate Administrator of the Exploration Mission Directorate. and human operations in a press release. “Prepare your boots, for you are the next era of space explorers – the Artemis generation.”

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