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‘Maya’ writing competition – Role of architecture in spatial habitats.

Write about how architecture will play a role in building a spatial habitat.

UNI has launched an essay writing competition to reflect on exactly how architecture can contribute to building a home in space?

Space architecture is an evolving theory and practice of spacecraft and space station design. A space habitat / colony / colony / orbital habitat or asteroid is more advanced than just building space stations. It’s about designing colonies for an entire civilization. No space habitat has yet been built, but many concepts with varying degrees of realism have come from architects, engineers, and authors. With open discussions about building Martian and Lunar habitats, the future of space habitats looks a little more realistic.

Entrants are encouraged to research the internet, use interviews, books, or their imaginations to construct the research, and answer the questions below in an essay of approximately 1000-1500 words and 3 images or less.

  • Why do people need to live in space? Why spatial architecture?
  • What were the concepts, theories or habitat projects that approached realism, and why?
  • How are spatial habitats relevant in today’s world?
  • What might be the possible challenges when designing such habitats?
  • What are the upcoming allied design technologies/techniques that can be implemented as a solution to the mentioned challenges?
  • How will habitat shape people’s psyches and lifestyles over the years?

Views should be analytic, instead of just utopian/dystopian approaches through the subject.

Submission requirements

Participants must submit an essay of approximately 1000 to 1500 words and containing a maximum of 3 images. The essay should ideally be a cohesive piece that answers the dissertation questions and places points of view and arguments based on the topic. Images must be guaranteed to be royalty free or that you own the rights to them.

The competition is one of many competitions organized by UNI on its platform. Registration begins October 11, 2021 and closes February 21, 2022. See the full schedule here.

Big prizes to be won!

A prize pool of 24,000 USD is up for grabs. For full information on active pricing and entry fee details, please visit the Subsidies part of the competition. To find out more about the competition Click here.

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