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What potential recruits want from a seasonal job

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It’s the vacation rental season. With a recession on the horizon, the market for hourly workers is intensifying. Driven by inflation, one in four hourly workers juggle multiple gigs, according to a September 2022 report from Snagajob. This balancing act may have something to do with concerns about job stability; about 19% of respondents expressed concern about shifts such as layoffs and reduced hours.

Retail, restaurant, supply chain logistics, hospitality and grocery recruiters take note: Talent drawn for Black Friday, winter holiday crush and New Year’s Eve festivities are likely to test the waters for a long-term commitment. Half of this cohort of workers is interested in full-time positions, Snagajob researchers said. The talent acquisition firm has released its holiday hiring outlook for the year, drawing inspiration from around 3,800 workers and their employers.

Here’s some useful information to keep in mind as talent teams consider temporary roles and take steps to retain talent for 2023.

Hire vacationers? Here’s what they’re looking for


Percentage of respondents who want weekly payments


Percentage of Respondents Interested in Flexible Hours


Percentage of respondents who would be attracted by connection bonuses


Percentage of respondents who are looking for the potential of a permanent job

About 4 out of 10

Number of respondents who would be attracted to an end-of-season performance bonus

About 1 in 3

Approximate number of respondents who would be attracted to discounts on company products/services


Percentage of Respondents Who Would Accept Shift Meals When Selecting a Job During Holidays

As recruiters cast their nets for casual holidaymakers, Snagajob has recommended that employers make their job postings distinct because they could start to confuse each other for talent. “An extremely popular example in this holiday season is access to salary,” the researchers said. “By paying staff at the end of the shift (or at the latest weekly), you help workers avoid expensive payday loans or run out of gas on the way to work.”

Here’s what to consider when writing a job ad


Respondents looking for rate of pay in job description. Pay transparency is increasingly important for talent, as well as a compliance issue for HR teams.


Rate of workers looking for details regarding the time (days and shifts) required by the job


Percentage of Respondents Searching for Job Requirements and Expectations in Ads


Rate of potential hires who seek opportunities to gain benefits

Researchers advised talent teams to “think long-term” when it comes to seasonal job offers. Previous data on prospective prospects and contingent workers support this thinking. In a September 2022 report from Flextrack, 64% of respondents said that company stability is “very” or “extremely” important in their search for gigs. Despite the economic downturn, the market is still in the hands of workers, including contingent workers. HR teams should keep in mind that contractors are just as demanding with their job opportunities.

Most hourly workers do not plan to return to their previous seasonal jobs, the Snagajob report suggests.

“While an extra dollar (or two) may seem prohibitive, consider the price of reduced staff when vacation spending is in full swing,” the Snagajob researchers said.