Writing a Good Descriptive Essay about a Person

… is a tricky thing to do. In general, descriptive essays require patience and advanced writing skills. Otherwise you will end up with a dull set of words about some event (person, place etc.) In such a case it will be difficult for others to read and perceive. To write a real masterpiece, you will need to work hours, days or weeks and the result is still unpredictable.

Descriptive essay about a person is only one type of this particular genre that is commonly used as a college application essay.  It contains a several essential parts that come in separate paragraphs. An essay of this type usually starts with the name of the person you are going to write about and some general information (e.g. you relationships or how you met). Then you need to proceed with describing his or her appearance.

A separate paragraph should be devoted to the reason why you picked this very person for your essay. Was it the example you wanted to illustrate? Or do you respect her for her qualities? Finally, does this person have a great influence on you?

Conclude your descriptive essay of a person by the legacy he or she left or will leave after.

Descriptive essay about food

A food descriptive essay is one of the most ‘delicious’ pieces to write. It is not just an academic task. It is a professional (and well paid!) copywriter’s duty that may fill the reader’s mouth with saliva and make him run to the fridge. You can approach it differently, though usually it is written according to the following scheme:

  1. Specify the food you like (or just want to talk about).
  2. Describe the way it looks.
  3. Give a simple summary of how it is cooked. Of course, if you are writing about something like chocolate, there is no need to research its recipe. On the other hand, if it’s some exotic dish cooked by tribal women, who chew beans and then mix them up with leaves and roots, make sure you describe the procedure. It will be a great culmination of your piece.

Feel free to use as many adjectives as you can. Fresh, mouthwatering, rich, crunchy, seasoned etc. You want your reader to feel it while reading.

Descriptive essay about a place

These essays do not differ much. You start with specifying the place. Then pass over to its exterior and interior, proceed with its nature or purpose and end up with what it has to do with you.

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